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Alex Toth


X-Factor issue 55 cover



X-Factor issue 70 cover


Colossus by Adi Granov.

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The Punisher and Wolverine by Jim Lee

I usually hate Jim Lee — but I like this. Humph.

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Batman by Bill Sienkiewicz



Hey there folks!

Here’s a goofy little comic I did last week for the Chicago IRL zine set to come out later this summer. They are in the middle of fundraiser so if you’re feeling generous/want to own something with a comic of mine in it, consider donating

I’ve been having a couple genuinely spectacular months in a row and now that the sunshine has arrived here in the Windy City I’ve been thinking about how I usually feel wretched during the warmer months. This time last year I let a couple lame-o events ruin my lovely BBQ-filled months which I refuse to let happen two years in a row. The problems that normally bog me down, like dating in the ever daunting “BIG CITY” don’t seem to phase me in the same way they did a year ago. I just crank up Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend’ on full blast and ignore the sweat puddle slowly cooling beneath my backpack. 

Also, thanks SO much to everyone who came out for CAKE last weekend. It was a wonderful whirlwind of a weekend filled with friends and fans and I couldn’t have asked for a better time! THANKSTHANKSTHANKS!!

Adorable style, and great use of colors!

I agree. Love his stuff. 



Batman Beyond by Adam Tan

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Batgirl by Philip Bond


Judge Dredd by Dan McDaid

Happy Thursday Thor’s Day. 

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